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Accountancy firms wishing to be considered for AISMA membership are required to complete an application form and send detailed information

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Application Form

The application form below can be completed onscreen. When you press the ‘submit’ button, the form will be sent to the email address you  provide on the form, allowing you to print and sign the form before sending it to AISMA with the required enclosures. The application form will also be automatically downloaded to your computer.

Please enclose the following:

  • 15 examples of GP accounts prepared within the last 12 months, with three examples including full tax computation, personal expenses, personal tax returns and superannuation calculations. The name of the practice should be removed and the accounts coded to allow reference during discussions with the firm at a later date. Following an initial review of these accounts AISMA may select practices for which further details will be requested. This could include information about accounts software and details of how GP client accounts are serviced
  • if the firm has multiple offices a schedule showing the number of GP practices per office
  • details of your control system if your nominated specialist does not control all GP accounts
  • names and qualifications of your partners/directors if there are more than six

Please send to:

Abi Newbury
AISMA Secretary
Honey Barrett Ltd
48 St Leonards Road
TN40 1JB

On receipt of your application form we will issue you with an invoice which is due for immediate payment, the application fee being £190 plus VAT. Upon receipt of your payment the application process will commence and not before. Our preferred payment is by BACS (please include your nominated specialist name as the reference) but you will find the method of payment including our bank account details on the invoice issued. Please note that if your application is approved there is an entrance fee of 2 x the current annual subscription plus the pro rata’d portion of the current year’s subscription which is all due on admission.

Please email if you have any queries about the application process.


*  If more than one office, please provide a separate schedule showing the number of GP practice clients per office

** Please state recognised qualifications and provide a brief summary of specialist experience.

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More info
  • Abi Newbury
  • AISMA Secretary
  • Honey Barrett Ltd
  • 48 St Leonards Road
  • TN40 1JB
  • T:01424730345
  • F: 01424730330